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Gear or Chain drive

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HP+ OILING SYSTEM KIT, Gear or Chain drive, Milwaukee Eight Oil Cooled engines

  • FEULING OIL COOLED oiling system kits combine all the needed components to finish your Milwaukee Eight engines oiling system under 1 Part #, available in HP+ or RACE SERIES kits. FEULING oiling system kits increase oil pressure, oil volume, engine oil flow and return oil scavenging

    Quieter and smoother engine operation
    27% more pressure and scavenge gear volume over stock
    42% more scavenge volume through port sizing, matched passages and holes to the engine case
    68% more oil volume to the crankshaft and connecting rod bearing
    15-25 degree cooler engine temperatures
    15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures
    10-30 more PSI of oil pressure
    Reduces wet sumping, blow by and oily air cleaners
    Test results show 2 HP gain and 2 ft/lbs of TQ gain to the rear wheel on Milwaukee Eight
    NOTE: FEULING test results show as much as 50% reduction of engine sump oil level.

    Both HP+ and RACE SERIES kits include FEULINGS HIGH FLOW billet camplate made from 7075 aluminum which is 50% harder and stronger than the factory or Feuling OE+ camplates. FEULING increases oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and critical oil passages including matching the oil port holes throughout the camplate to the port holes in the engine case which increases engine oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft and rod bearings.

    The FEULING oil pumps are bench tested, the relief valve is seated and sealed to a minimum of 30 psi with full pop off at 55-60 psi. The increased oil volume from the larger gears and properly sized passages along with the pressure relief valve seat and seal from these oil pumps is essential for proper oiling system function. The FEULING oil pump and camplate combination eliminate common pressure and scavenge issues associated with the factory oiling systems.

    -HP+ SERIES Kits includes a billet 6061 aluminum high volume oil pump, FEULING HIGH FLOW camplate, HP+ Hydraulic roller lifters and cam installation kit, cam bearing, cam/crank bolts and washers, engine and fastener assembly lube.

    -#8022: Optional FEULING X ARP bolt kit available for the HIGHFLOW camplate #8017 and HP+ or RS oil pump combo. ARP bolts for oil pumps 7018, 7019, 7020 & 7021 do not use washers.

    It is important to get the correct hot oil level in your bike. Feuling recommends running the oil level 90%-99% full when hot.

    Note: The M-Eight oil pick up port is on the right side of the engine. Letting the bike idle or warm up on the kickstand will naturally fill the engine case and skew the oil level in the tank.

    We recommend the following steps to achieve proper oil level:
    1. Check cold oil level.
    2. Ride the bike until operating temperature is reached.
    3. Shut the bike off while still in the upright position. (This insures an accurate reading)
    4. Once the bike is on the kickstand check oil level.
    5. Add or remove oil as needed.


    HP+® OILING SYSTEM KIT, Gear or Chain drive, Milwaukee Eight 17-21 Oil Cooled engines

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    2030, 4000, 7018, 8017

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