Feuling was known as a 'skunk works' facility specializing in engine design and development working with and licensing technology to the major manufactures such as Ford®, General Motors®, Harley Davidson®, Chrysler®, Nissan® and Edelbrock® to name a few.
Highest specific power output
of any automotive engine in
history (over 1,270 HP from
121 cubic inches)
Designers of the Oldsmobile
Indy engine
Oldsmobile Aerotech 'Long Tail'
Flying Mile record 267.339 MPH
driven by A. J. Foyt set at Ft.
Stockton, TX
Designer & manufacturers of the patented
Centerfire cylinder heads for Big Block
Chevrolet and Ford engines
Designers of the patented wide margin valves
Designer & manufacturer of the patented
4 valve cylinder heads for H-D EVO
Designed and licensed the patented
3 valve combustion chamber design to Ford Motor Company
Designed and licensed the patented 'aero' helmet designs to Bell helmets, (Bell/Feuling SS Helmets) first worn by Michael Schumacher. Designed to keep the head and vision steady at high speeds also increased engine horsepower due to the aero effect.
Most Aerodynamic full size vehicle at the time ever tested in the GM
wind tunnel - requiring 6 aero horsepower to go 100 MPH

Numerous world land speed records
World's fastest motorcycle 332 MPH
Feuling's fastest FIA land speed record - wheel driven 650 HP normal aspirated engine 377 MPH
Feuling Stream-liner was featured in a 1 hour special on the
Discovery channel 'The Need For Speed'
Designer's of the engine for the American Honda high-mileage
stream-liner, capable of 500 MPG @ 55 MPH
Numerous CAFE and airplane efficiency world records
Designers and manufacturers of the world class Quickie & Q2 airplanes
1st to apply lean burn fuel technology in aviation applications
Latest project - an all electric single seat airplane top speed 145 MPH with 18 HP motor
Capable of 100+ MPH for 200+ miles with 200+ MPG @ 4,000 Ft.
Designed and licensed cylinder head and valve technology to Harley Davidson for the Twin Cam engine
Designer & manufacturer of the patented W3 motorcycle and motorcycle engine
Trademarked sound
Featured in Discovery Channels 'Biker Build Off' with Cory Ness
Featured in majority of motorcycle magazines worldwide
3 Cylinder 'W' engine 150 Cubic inch, 2500cc 150 HP to rear wheel
Designers of the World class performance aftermarket parts for Harley Davidson® motorcycles www.Feulingparts.com
Camshafts, valve-train components, oiling systems, oil coolers and specialty tools
Trademarks: Feuling, Reaper Camshafts, Beehive Valve Springs, HP+, Race Series, Fast Install Pushrods, Bulletproof Camchests