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BA Race Series Air Cleaner Kit, Race Series tall cage, Black finish, Red filter

Requires Mid Controls

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BA Race Series Air Cleaner Kit, tall cage, Black finish, Solid Cover, Red filter, Standard throttle body fitment (OEM HD: 55mm - Screamin Eagle: 64mm - HPI: 58mm and 62mm)

  • BA Race Series Air Cleaner Kit, M-Eight RACE SERIES tall cage, Black Ano finish, Solid Cover, Red filter - Requires mid foot controls

    Originally designed for our 130 Bagger GP race engine, what is now our Race Series (RS) BA air cleaner, comes in just under an inch taller and boasts an impressive 33% increase in filter size over our standard fit BA Air Cleaner. NOTE: Requires mid foot controls.

    With years of experience designing improved cylinder heads, combustion chambers and intake manifolds, FEULING brings light to a new bolt-on air cleaner design for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Feuling BA Air Cleaner lengthens the intake runners and increases air velocity, delivering added volume for balanced dynamic flow.

    The BA air cleaner features a highflow billet aluminum velocity stack with optimal opening diameter, outer lip and internal (ID) taper. The BA Air Cleaner includes a highflow reusable air filter and one piece billet cage. The one piece design, creates a clean look and eases installation when compared to the industry standard multi stack up construction.

    With performance in mind, we created a convertible backing plate offering optional cylinder head venting. Out of the box, the FEULING air cleaner is set up with OEM - style cylinder head breathing, routing into the intake with optimized vent hole locations to meet emissions standards. External Race Only venting to atmosphere available with separate purchase of kit #5417 which includes fittings, vent line and breather element. The backing plate is engraved with both MADE IN USA and FEULING logos.

    Impressive Horsepower and Torque gains on any engine and exceptional gains seen on engines running modified and/or ported cylinder heads along with intakes and larger throttle bodies. Developed and designed on the flow bench, dyno tested and track proven.
    Max flow: 595 CFM AT 28

    Available in raw, black, or chrome finish, solid or clear cover and red or black filter element.

    FEULING BA RACE SERIES Air Cleaner - Run the Best or Choke with the Rest

    RACE SERIES requires mid foot controls for leg clearance

    Finish: Black Anodized, fade resistance



    M-Eight Softails 18-22, Baggers 17-22, mid controls required for leg clearance



    Disclaimer: Qualified Manufacturer Declared 49-State Federal Emissions Compliant Part (Not legal for sale or use in California) means any aftermarket part intended to replace an original equipment emissions-related part and that meets all EPA emission regulations by installing the element of design in all emissions-related respects to the certified configuration of the vehicle, engine, or piece of equipment. This manufacturer has declared in writing that it has fully documented the emissions testing of an appropriate test vehicle, engine, or piece of equipment that had been identically altered and that the part meets all applicable emissions standards for that make/model/year fitment(s) advertised.

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