HP+ ONE PIECE PUSHRODS, Factory and 543 Cam

HP+ 0.165 Wall Thickness, EVO OEM & Feuling 543 Cam

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HP+ 0.165 Wall Thickness, EVO OEM & Feuling 543 Cam

  • Maintain maximum valve lift!

    Eliminate pushrod flex, reduce valve-train harmonics and increase valve lift

    Fixed Length 4130 Chrome moly one piece pushrods with swedged formed ends. Heavy duty 7/16 diameter tube with 0.165 wall thickness, precision concentricity, heat treated with a black oxide finish. Intake and Exhaust pushrods are stock replacement lengths and designed to work with the factory base circle camshaft dimensions. These pushrods work with Feuling 543 EVO cam grind (Part #1391) and the Factory EVO grind camshaft. Lengths: Front Intake - 11.75, Rear Intake - 11.030, Front Exhaust - 11.315, Rear Exhaust - 11.200

    Quick install pushrods are said to be easier to use, however they cannot compare to a solid pushrod for strength and durability.


    EVO 85-99, 7/16 tube OD, 0.165 Wall, EVO OEM & Feuling 543 Cam (Part #1391)

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